I've been to Spa's all over the world and I can honestly say this was the BEST massage I've ever had

Maly was great! Took the knots out of my back - 2 months post pregnancy - Well worth every penny! Coming back again! Been coming for many years THANK YOU!

Graceful Services is one of NYC's treasures and it keeps getting better. Cynthia is a new addition and she is amazing. I have been coming here for years, and I will keep coming back. Thank You

Excellent massage Deep Tissue, but never enough time is an hour to do anything.

Nancy was excellent: Invested, attentive, knowledgeable, and hard working. I wouldn't wish my neck and shoulders on anyone! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for tissue work. She is clearly a perfectionist, and one who will only get better every time.

This was in my TOPS. I'll be back. Thank You

Lilly's massage was my birthday gift. I am a military mom, and at this milestone of 45 years, she made me feel like a I was 21 and like dancing! Thanks so much!
CY Harrison

This was my 1st time having a massage and it was great. Giving it to my best friend like a sister for HER birthday. This was such a good idea, and the Hot Stone Massage is good, will be BACK.
Donna C.

My daughter and I celebrated her 15th birthday here, I had more from then on. Avelino is amazing, and he is so experienced! You must request him on your next visit. We come from Philly, we love to come to graceful Services!

I have been going to the gym alot and now have incorporated yoga into my workout routine....so "over working my body" is an under statement. 
I visited your establishement today and met with Yunia for a 1 hour massage and cupping....SHE IS AMAZING, HER HANDS HAVE BEEN TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL :), I FEEL SENSATIONAL.
All the tension in my neck is gone and the soreness in my body has subsided.  My mind is completely quiet and I feel very serene.  What a wonderful, clean, friendly establishment.  I can't wait to go back.

I just had yet another fantastic massage from Jenny. I have had MANY massages in my life and I consider myself to be extremely "picky" - yet, I think the massage I received from Jenny is the best I have ever had!! I am afraid if I tell too many people then I won't be able to get an appointment with her!

I just wanted to give you the feedback on your star therapist. I have been coming to Graceful Services for a while now and will definitely keep coming back, thank you!
Sally B.

Thank you so much...
...Avelino made a huge difference to how I felt during the pregnancy. I had a car accident some time and had a lot of damage to my pelvis, hips and shoulders and if it weren't for the regular massages I would have been in significantly more pain. With many thanks and lots of love.
Jewly S.

Consistent Excellence throughout the years!! Keep up the GREAT work! Thanks a bunch.

I need to do this once a week. Thanks for the relaxing massage!!

Absolutely Amazing – The best massage I’ve ever had and such a lovely experience over all!! Mally was great.

The touch of one’s hands is a gift, like beautiful art, flowers or even a kind word. The experinecs was heavenly

Better then sex! Always! Been a customer 5 years I love graceful services

I’m from Toronto Canada. I am so pleased with my massage. Shelly worked so well and in the end I feel wonderful like a new person.   

To the owner and shop, thank you for providing outstanding service and such an affordable price in such a nice and pleasant setting. I really had a great time monday evening. Best scrub ever.
Marian Joy Friedman-Kaplan

When i showed up friday night, i was a stressed mess, but after my hour hot stone massage i didn't have a care, or a kink left! Feni is wonderful, and it was absolutely the best massage i have ever had. I have been there numerous times for a deep tissue massage, and have been very happy with the results, but the hot stone really was just amazing. It's monday, and i'm still realxed. Thanks so much!

Thank you!
I am the biggest fan of Graceful Services by the way. The massages are out of this world. Happy Thanksgiving!
Elissa Devins

Hi Grace!
Thank you so much for your email, and Happy New Year to you too!
I am back on the West Coast now (california) but on my next trip out I will again be booking a massage for sure - you guys are the best!
Regards and wishes for a prosperous year,
Eden Jarrin
Be Jane, Inc.

First time to NYC and this you know was the best thing I have done here.
Jamie Thompson (Pensacola, FL.)

I have been coming here for 5 years and it's the best massage in New York. Grace's is the only place that helps me with back and neck pain. Thanks

We have been coming here for over 4 years and it is really the best massage in the world. See you soon. Thanks
Megan and Joe

Avelino was amazing! The atmosphere was soothing and great. I will be back.

I had the best massage at your spa today! I AM definitely coming back again and again and again, recommending it to everyone I know.

Thank You! Avelino and Clarence Rock!

As a massage therapist since 1997, I know quality when I feel it. Clarence is one of the most healing, therapeutic, sensitive & thorough therapist I have ever experienced. His sessions are truly magical.


I was in today for Massage/guasha/scrub, and it was fabulous! Could I make an appointment for January 2 around 6 pm for 1 hour Massage with 30 minute hot stone facial package with an add-on of guasha?

Rachel S.

Good afternoon. I had an appointment yesterday morning for a deep tissue massage and facial, and I just wanted to write to let you know that it was AWESOME! I had a wonderful experience in your spa and plan on visiting again and again and again.

Thank you.
Rosie P.

would like to book another massage as the one I had last time was a total joy!!

Warm regards
Katelyn F.

I am visiting new york from ireland soon and would love to make an appointment in your spa. It would be great visiting your day spa on my visit to New york since i have heard many fabulous things about it!

looking forward to hearing from you.

Jennie P

hi grace :) thanks so much for the wonderful massage that i got to have at your spa - it was great! hope you're well,

Erin W.

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