Season Specials
Bikini wax - $20
Brazilian wax - $55
2 hours - $120
One hour massage and one hour facial.

Spermine Cream facial
Graceful Services offers a new anti ageing spermine cream SkinScience Spermine for Professionals First reaction to the term Spermine is that people believe it's simply sperm.

Despite the fact it is to be found in high dozes in the tail of a sperm cell, it is simply due to the fact that the sperm cell does need extra help during the lifecycle and the best anti aging protection our body can provide is Spermine, crystals of one of the strongest antioxidants in our bodies and to be found in ALL cells of the human body, where it plays an important role for protecting against oxidation or in other words a powerful anti ageing factor. The Spermine used in SkinScience Spermine for Professionals Anti-Aging Creams is artificially made in Switzerland by Biotechnology and is 99,997% pure compared to the real thing.

The Spermine used in all SkinScience Cosmetic products is artificially made and should not be confused with sperm which in fact includes high dozes of Spermine but all other human cells include Spermine as well, as Spermine is one of the bodies' strongest antioxidants protecting us against aging. Oxidation=Aging.

Unlike other cosmetic creams the SkinScience Spermine actually does access the basal layers of the skin, which is where wrinkles "are made". Spermine is the active ingredient which is scientifically proven to reduce speed of aging by incredible 25%, making this a powerful combination to reduce cause of aging. Spermine Cream facial

Nutritive Cream
. Repairs the skin barrier and rebuilds the fat and moisture balance in the skin.
. Healing properties.
. Protects against UV induced redness.
. Stimulates collagen production by 600% and cell renewal by all of 40% after only 8 days.
(Active ingredients: LEX, rosehip seed oil, Spermine,
sunflower extract, jojoba oil, vitamins E and B5, Q10) PARABEN-FREE!
1 hour $125

Normal Cream
. Protects against external effects.
. Repairs skin damage.
. Improves moisture and fat levels in the skin.
. Stimulates the skin's ability to build itself up intracellularly.
(Active ingredients: rosehip seed oil, Spermine, sunflower extract, jojoba oil, vitamins E and B5, Q10) PARABEN-FREE!
1 hour $100

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3) Purchase via fax, We will fax the purchase form to you and after fill it out, please fax it back to us

After we got the purchase form, we either mail or email or fax it to you the gift certificate.

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